TGP Sneaker Shoe and Mountain Shoe Repair Set

TGP Sneaker Shoe and Mountain Shoe Repair Set

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230V, 50hz, 1ph (Compressor)
230V, 50hz, 1ph (TGP SWS-T19 Sewing machine)


TGP SWS-T19 Sneaker Stitching Machine
Suitable for repairing underworks for sneakers and mountain boots. It is also a sword board stitching machine suitable for leather work. With the swing arm the nose of the stitching machine can choke around in the shoe. The stitching machine also has a table column with frequency motor.

Equipped with a shell sole cushion (balloon cushion). The press is equipped with a very solid cushion and serrated press rods for optimum blocking of the press rods. The pressure can be regulated using the joysticks.

TGP Bottom post
Adjustable at various heights (Optional item)

TGP Compressor-20
20 liter capacity, low noise and oil-free. We deliver this article with a drain hose and various attachments to connect this.


Buckling lasts in all optional sizes